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Japan has embarked on an ambitious project to connect by Internet the schools that have Blue-eyed Dolls. Kazuo Deguchi, a teacher at an elementary school in Yokohama, describes his vision in a 1998 report on the Blue-eyed Doll Project.

Starting in 1996 with only 2 Japanese schools having web pages about their dolls, the number increased to 12 in early 1998 and to about 35 by the end of 2000. As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and as Japanese schools emphasize its use by children from an early age, the number of schools with "Blue-eyed Doll Pages" continues to increase. In addition, the Blue-eyed Dolls Home Page (in Japanese) has collected information and photos on many more Blue-eyed Dolls located throughout Japan. This web site also provides links to the schools that have their own web pages on the Blue-eyed Dolls.

This Friendship Doll web site has English translations of many of the Blue-eyed Doll web pages that have been created by Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens. Refer to the section on Individual Dolls to view these English translations.  

Photo used with permission of Jinryo Elementary School and Kamiyama Town Office (Tokushima Prefecture)

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