Miss Okayama
and Her Times
"Miss Okayama" was sent to America from Okayama Prefecture as one of the dolls given in gratitude for the "Friendship Dolls" (Blue-eyed Dolls) given by America to many schools throughout Japan. After 74 years, Miss Okayama is returning home to Japan in order to be restored. Next spring "homecoming exhibits" in Okayama Prefecture are planned. People today continue with activities in accordance with the hope of an American missionary who encouraged the idea of "dolls as a bridge between Japan and America." Let's take a look at the drama and human stories that Miss Okayama has to tell us.
(published by the Sanyo Shimbun
 from September 23 to October 2, 2001)

1 - Homecoming
2 - In the Land of America
3 - Farewell Ceremony
4 - The Wish of a Missionary
5 - Nariwa's Anna
6 - Konko's Bessie
7 - Kamo's Roycegood Weil
8 - New Bonds of Friendship





Roycegood Weil

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